Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Humanities: LoNGview, NoRedInk, StoryCorps & Of Mice & Men

Note: You can do everything up to the blogging discussion w/o Mr. Ryder saying a word.  Just jump right into it.  We'll be having people move around to places in the room based on how much help and direction they would like.

Today we begin with a LoNGview reading and discussion of this article from Fast CoExist about building sustainable low income housing.

We will do a quick MUGS exercise around it's/its and get on NoRedInk to do it.  Look for the next assignment in your list.

Here's a video to watch to help w/ it's/its.

From there we take a look at the StoryCorps site and do a little spelunking.  Make sure you check out the mobile lab and see what sorts of ideas it gives you for our recording booth project (if that's something you'd like to be a part of.)

  • What sort of stories would you want to hear?
  • What sorts of stories are you hearing on this site
  • How might you be able to capture these sorts of stories?
There will be time to work on your blogs today as well as look at the new expectations for the blogs.  Look at the blogging rubric in the right hand sidebar.

We'll end the day with some continued reading of Of Mice & Men and the beginnings of our second 3-4-Thinking graphic organizer.


3+ Posts
Req'd Post:
Find a song that would belong on a soundtrack for Of Mice & Men.  Post the song/embed the video and write a paragraph explaining your thinking.
Be sure to check the blogging rubric in the right hand sidebar; to meet the standard you must now make posts connect to outside information and/or another student's thinking

Be Thinking:
Are you thinking about doing a photo essay, story corps?  Do you want to take on the design challenge of making the recording booth? What would your angle be in tackling these questions and ideas? What questions do you have?  

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