Wednesday, November 20, 2013

PACE: Figurative Language, Poetry & Music

Today, we continue looking at the poetic devices.  You started last class with diction.  Today we look at figurative language.  Miss Rumble has created a flipped lesson video to help you do your work.

We'll work with "We Real Cool" by Gwendolyn Brooks and "Identity" by by Julio Noboa Polanco.

A graphic organizer for figurative language is in your Google Drive.  It has links to other resources to help as well.

We will also review your work from last class and get into our Ohana teams.


Blog: 3+ Posts 
Req'd Creative Post:  Illustrate a powerful line from a poem or song that speaks to you.  It may be a poem of your own creation, it may be a favorite song, it may be a poem that you stumble upon at or, it may be one of the one's we've worked with in class.   Your illustration may be hand drawn, created digitally, or pulled together by finding images from Creative Commons.

Include a brief paragraph of explanation along with your illustration.  Post your illustrations by screenshot, laptop cam, phone pics, whatever it takes -- just them out there where other people can see them.  Think of this as a chance to explore whether this is one of the projects you'd like to take on for the unit in a greater sense.

Complete & Post: Marley Remix
Due: Monday, Nov 18

Complete: Poetic Devices: Diction
Graphic Organizer:  Complete the graphic organizer on diction.  Use the flipped lesson to help you.
Due:  TEACHER PACE Wednesday, Nov. 20th (TODAY)

Complete: Poetic Devices: Figurative Language
Graphic Organizer: Complete a graphic organizer on figurative language.  Use the flipped lesson to help you.
Due: TEACHER PACE Friday, November 22

Update: Weekly Work Plan & Due Dates Forms
Due: ASAP and As Needed

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