Thursday, November 21, 2013

Humanities: Closing Arguments, Photo Essays, StoryCorps & Roots Quizzes

Yesterday, we did an activity around the closing arguments, helping determine to what extent various characters are responsible for the death of Lennie.  We worked big on sets of desks, sorting arguments into ethos, pathos and logos.
Here's a video on ethos, pathos & logos that could help you when we aren't around to explain.

Here are some pictures of the work we did in class.

Today we begin with our Roots 5 quiz.

From there, we will look at examples of how to make 

a) StoryCorps


b) Photo Essay

After going through the examples and the process of making each of those, you will have time to do one of the following:

a) Write your closing argument - Due Friday, December 5 (solo)
b) Plan your photo essay or story corps using storyboard materials (solo)
c) Start the design thinking process around our mobile Humanities booth project 

Use this video to help with your interview planning.  

As well interview techniques and guidelines at StoryCorps.


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Req'd Creative Post:
Get suited up.  Using a tool such a or Pinterest or even just by finding images from various sources, design your "lawyer" wardrobe for yourself.  What would you wear in the trial of the death of Lennie and why?

Also, what would the person on trial wear?  Post images and explain your thinking there.

The idea is to consider the types of appeal (ethos, pathos, logos) and how what we wear can influence how audiences think.  Also, consider, what makes this extra challenging for people from poverty to tell their stories and be heard?

Closing Argument:
Write the closing argument in the death of Lennie
Due: Friday after Thanksgiving (December 6)

Photo Essay/Story Corps
Due: Tuesday, December 10

Roots 5 Quiz & Word Maps
Due: Today!

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