Tuesday, December 10, 2013

AP Lit 2B/3B: DT Challenge & Poetry

We'll open with this DT challenge:

Use one manila folder, two paper clips, tape, scissors, markers, and no more than five words to make a product that increases happiness, thoughtfulness, or connectedness in MBC. 25 min.

This kicks off our work of looking at poetry as a design challenge.

Here are some thoughts I've been having about that

  • How might we create poetry?
  • How might we create visual interpretations of poetry?

Those are fine . . . I'd like to see us go here though . . . 

  • How might we increase happiness, connectedness and thoughtfulness through poetry?
  • How might we express ourselves through poetry?
  • How might we share ourselves through poetry?
  • How might we solve our problems through poetry?

All of these working toward an answer to this . . . 

  • How is poetry a human-centered design challenge?

Then we wrangled with a sonnet.  Period 2: "Altruism"; Period 3: Milton's "Light"


Blog: 3+ Posts
Period 2B: The Swimmer Playlist
Periods 3B/3G: Casting Call.  Hamlet.  Thus far.  Create the perfect cast list for Hamlet based on your reading so far.
Due: Friday, December 13

Clips of Hamlet posted and shared for Act II in your Google Drive.
Reflect on Blog w/ Analysis/Thoughts on Versions
Due: Thursday, December 12

Poetry Project (create one poem, create visual interpretation of a found poem)
More info to follow soon
Due: End of 1st Week of January

Think ahead: 
Revisions of Synthesis Essay
Indie Book Project Due at Top of Q3

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