Monday, December 9, 2013

Humanities: Longviews & Project Work

Today, we'll start with a LNGView reading.

After this, you will have time to work on the projects, closing arguments, blogs, and more.

Some folks will be delivering closing arguments today.

Tomorrow, you will be self-assessing your projects.


Blog: 3+ Posts this week
Creative Blog Entry: Visualize Humanities Class.  Create a visual -- may be a diagram, may be a photo, may be  a collage, may be a painting, may be a sculpture, may be . . . wow . . . anything visual -- that represents what Humanities class means to you.  What do we learn? How do we operate? What is your work like? You may want to post a few to fully capture your thinking.  We will be at the halfway point soon and this a good way to get a sense of where your thinking is at.
Due: Friday, December 13

Complete: Project Proposal Form

Study: Roots 7 Quiz & Product
Due: Thursday, December 19

Closing Arguments
Due: PAST DUE! Friday, December 6

Photo Essay/StoryCorps
Due: Tuesday, December 10 (Tomorrow!)

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