Thursday, January 9, 2014

AP Lit 3G: Hamlet returns & Araby & Literary 3x3s

Start with Hamlet. Read Hamlet Act II, scene 1 aloud.  Follow my instructions in this video! (It'll involve recording and a little bit of directing from me!)

After completing the Hamlet work you will shift to Joyce's "Araby."  

Share your literary 3x3s of James Joyce's "Araby."  (Next week we will use these 3x3s to formulate thesis statements and propose structure of essays about Joyce's short story.  That's going to be more helpful with me around.) 

From there, we are going to try a little experiment connected to our "Poetry as Design" work.

We will transfer our literary 3x3s to index cards, one word per card.  Thus, every student will end up with a deck of nine cards.  We will start by rearranging our down decks.  What other configurations can we make of those nine words?  It's okay to mentally adjust tense and such to make it work.  

From there, we will continue the experiment by passing decks.  See if you can create a 3x3 with another deck.

And from there, things great really crazy.  We will take the decks.  Combine.  Shuffle.  Deal nine.

And then . . . design poems.  Design a companion poem to Joyce's "Araby" using the nine words (and others) and what you understand about design.


Blog: 3+ posts
Req'd Post: Create a Literary 3x3 for one of these other two poems that reflect the contemporary African-American experience of the poets in their respective times (consider them as a collection alongside Clifton's "miss rosie")
Rita Dove's "Vacation"
Paul Laurence Dunbar's "Sympathy"
Due: Friday, Jan. 10
Read & Annotate: "Araby" by James Joyce (check your inbox)Due: Friday, Jan 10
Revise: Synthesis #2
Due: Friday, Jan 17 (if you want a 2nd revision)
Design & Create: Poetry as Design piecesDue: Monday, Jan 13Installation: Monday, Jan 20 (voluntary)
Read & Create:  Indie Book Project #3Due: Wednesday, Jan 29Note: We will be taking time Jan 28 - Feb 7 to explore our readings & share our products in depth 
Heads UpReading Hamlet in Class starting again MUGS quizzes & opt-in mini-lessons on the way

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