Thursday, January 9, 2014

Humanities: Knockout & Habits of Mind & Blogging

Today we'll start with an activity to help with vocab, in particular, Roots 8. Knock out.  Roots style. Boom.

From there we will consider the work we have done for the past couple of days and figure out which of the Habits of Mind we've been practicing.  Yup, we've been focused on metacognition, but which of the others as well?

Then we'll briefly review the article we read on metacognition from and we will blog.  We'll look at "What If" 2014 over in the right side bar, as well as the other tools under "blogging prompts & rubric" and you will be set up to do your own list on your blog.

That will lead to the survey on learning styles from Edutopia that we didn't take yesterday. Take screen shots. Posts your results.


Blog: 3+ posts
Req'd Post: Create your own list of "What If's" for 2014.  Look at Mr Ryder's example in the right sidebar.  He's posted his huge list. 
Due: Friday, Jan 11

Study: Roots 8 (& 6, 7)
Quiz: Thursday, Jan 16
Complete: Word Map or Product for Roots 8 

Practice: MUGS your/you're
Quiz: No Red Ink, Wed Jan 15 

Submit: Missing closing arguments & story corps/photo essays;  self assessments
Put in Humanities IN folder on Google Drive

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