Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Humanities: LNGview, Metacognition, No Red Ink & More

Metacognition & LNG View

We're going to follow a process to practice our metacognition

1. Read this article from on metacognition.

Important: Only read up to this moment here

(Of course, you can always go back and read more later.)

2.  Use our paint chip to determine your level of understanding of the article.  Record that.

3.  Read it again.

4.  Use the paint chip to determine your level of understanding of the article after the second reading.  Record that.

5. Work with a partner and think aloud through the article.  This should leads to lots of talking through and lots of scribbling on the paper copies provided.

6. Use the paint chip to determine your level of understanding after the thinkalouding.

7. Complete the LNGview form (it will be in your inbox) and be sure to include the levels of understanding you had at each step.

No Red Ink
Common Mistakes: Your/You're #1 is in the assignment section.  After LNGview go there and tackle that assignment.  It serves as a pre-assessment for the upcoming quiz.

  • Your = possessive 

Four months ago, I borrowed your copy of Miley Cyrus' latest album and never gave it back.  Sorry.

  • You're = contraction of "You are"

You're a tremendous friend for only texting me 47 times to bring that Miley Cyrus album back.  Seriously.

Edutopia: Learning Styles Quiz

After No Red Ink, complete this survey and be certain to record your results by taking screenshots.

Talking about the results would make a really great blog post.  Actually, everything you do in class today could make a great blog post.  Take pictures of your thinkaloud notes and put them up on your blog (make sure to flip them if you use your laptop to take the pics).


Blog: 3+ posts
Req'd Post: Create your own list of "What If's" for 2014.  Look at Mr Ryder's example in the right sidebar.  He's posted his huge list. 
Due: Friday, Jan 11

Study: Roots 8 (& 6, 7)
Quiz: Thursday, Jan 16
Complete: Word Map or Product for Roots 8 

Practice: MUGS your/you're
Quiz: No Red Ink, Wed Jan 15 

Submit: Missing closing arguments & story corps/photo essays;  self assessments
Put in Humanities IN folder on Google Drive

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