Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Joycean Qualities and Frankliner's Workshop

Happy Birthday, Thomas Alva Edison!


Today is kicking off with some (much needed) test prep-- multiple choice style.

Ryder will undoubtedly rant. This is simply a fact. It will probably be pretty entertaining.

Next we will delve into Joyce for exactly fifteen minutes. The goal is to look for evidence of three of his styles: epiphanies, manipulation of language & aesthetics and free indirect discourse. To do this, we will bust out your design kits and mark up hard copies of the stories. There doesn't need to be any rhyme or reason to how you do your marking-- doodles, brackets, lines, etc-- as long as you know what it is you are highlighting from the text and why... so feel free to get creative!

Following the Joycean Exploration we will sort all the feedback stickies from the board and place them all together on the dragon board, again in a spectrum from least to most helpful.

To wrap up class we will have a writing workshop using the Frankliner's drafts you brought in today.

Blog: 3+ Posts (next week, you get to take off for vacation! woot!)
Req'd Post: Analytical work.  By this week you will have read three chapters from "How to Read Lit" -- "Blind," "Geography," and "Season." Foster delivers a great deal of thinking across these three chapters and I believe strongly they apply to Joyce's stories.

Find three powerful ideas from Foster -- one from each chapter -- and then apply those thoughts as lenses for looking at Dubliners.  Explain how each applies and can illuminate understanding from Joyce's work.  (You might focus on multiple stories or only one or two -- that is up to you.  Having a strong sense of Foster's thinking is more important than having a strong sense of each of these stories.) 

You may write, record, film or otherwise capture your thinking, so long as it is clear and can stand on its own without tremendous interpretation on the part of your audience.  Lots of digital tools you can use for this AND it could just be a series of paragraphs as well.  Work to your strengths/interests.
Due: Fri, Feb 14

Read: How to Read Lit Like a Professor "And so Does Season"
Due: Fri, Feb 14 

Write: Working Draft of "Frankliners" story/poem
Due: Wednesday Workshop, Feb 13

Upcoming: Read Frankenstein
Due: Thursday/Friday following Feb break.

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