Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Humanities: Working on the Merryweather RAFT Project

Today we started with some time on Roots 10.  You'll find a link over in the right sidebar.

Then there was a big chunk of time to work on the Speak/Merryweather High RAFT.

You have presentations due on Friday.  There WILL be an audience you must impress.

At the end of class will be a few minutes to read Speak.  Please have finished the Second Ranking Period for Wednesday.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post: 
Empathy.  After break we will be interviewing students, faculty, and others about orientation so we can create the best experience possible.
Create a list of 5 to 7 questions for each of the following users/demographics.  You might use some of the questions for multiple users.

  1. 8th Grade Students
  2. 9th Grade Students
  3. Upperclassmen Students
  4. Middle School Teachers
  5. High School Teachers
  6. Middle School Administrators
  7. High School Administrators
  8. High School Guidance Counselors
  9. Parents of 8th Grade Students
  10. Parents of 9th Grade Students
  11. Upperclassmen Parents
Due: Friday, Feb 14

Need ideas for more blog posts?  Check out the tag "Blogger Fodder" and the videos/links that have been posted.

Read: Complete the "Second Ranking Period" (pg 102)
Due: Wednesday, Feb 12

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