Friday, February 7, 2014

Humanities: Continuing to RAFT Merryweather High

We'll start the day with Roots 9 because that didn't happen yesterday.

From there, we'll split into work areas, both Ryder's and Dunbar's rooms, to work on the Merryweather High Orientation RAFT.    Remember, this is an orientation design for Melinda's high school; not Mt. Blue.  We are doing this as a prototype in our design process for designing the Mt. Blue Transition.

At 1:25, we will get back to Speak.  One room will be for independent reading and the other will be a read-aloud-get-questions-answered with Mr. Ryder

Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Posts:
2 Req'd Post for the Week
1) Give yourself grades for the first semester, similar to how Melinda grades herself.  Notice that she grades herself in things that aren't just academic classes. After grading yourself, include the reasons behind your grades.  Be specific and clear.

2) Brainstorm the video/transition experience for the incoming ninth graders in April.  List every idea of what that video could be, what the activities could look like, or what else could happen next fall.

Need ideas for more blog posts?  Check out the tag "Blogger Fodder" and the videos/links that have been posted.

Read: Complete the "First Ranking Period" (pg 46)
Due: Thursday, Feb 6

Roots: Roots 9 Product & Quiz
Roots Quiz 9 (6, 7, 8, 9) & Product Due: Thursday, Feb 6

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