Sunday, February 9, 2014

PACE: Macbeth & Quack & Work & Due Dates & Working Smarter Not Harder

I'll be spending class saving the world from itself at a meeting in the The Chef's Table.

While I'm gone, you folks will be doing all sorts of awesome.

For one, we start vocabulary this week, using the QUACK words that are part of the sophomore year.  There will be a quiz every Thursday as well as a QUACK product due.  (The first will be on the Thursday following break, Feb 27.) That QUACK product could be the word map (found in the PACE OUT folder on Google Drive) OR may be any product you wish to make that demonstrates your understanding of the QUACK words.
  • Poems
  • Songs
  • Comics
  • Stories

Unit 1 Part 1 can be found here.

You might want to take a few minutes to complete the Commonly Confused Words #2 assignment on  It's optional AND there's a quiz on Friday.

By 8 a.m., I recommend watching a large chunk of the Macbeth documentary in your Google Drive - perhaps 30 minutes? If someone would like to hook up to the dongle and audio plug at the front of the room, that's totally fine with me.

Here are some time coded notes to help you out.  These are in your Google Drive.

If you pay attention, you will see that this documentary tells the entire story of Macbeth, shows it performed in different ways, and let's you know about the major ideas and themes in the play.

It's pretty darn well done.

As you watch, you may want to take notes using your first graphic organizer.  Of course, you need to base MOST of this graphic organizer on one of the ten scenes I identified last class.   I recommend using one of the scenes from Act I or II, because we've been talking a great deal about the action early on in the play.
Link to All of the Scenes and Summary is here

  • 1.3 
  • 1.5 
  • 1.7 
  • 2.1 
  • 3.4 
  • 4.1 
  • 4.3 
  • 5.1 (out damn spot)
  • 5.5 (out out brief candle)
  • 5.8 (death and new king)
  • Finally,  open up the Due Dates form.  If you don't believe you can keep up with Teacher PACE, establish your own PACE.  

    Next class will be all about the project.  It's a short class because of early release and we will focus entirely on story bibles and pitches and brainstorming ideas.  


    Blogs: 3+ 
    Req'd Post: Pre-Thinking Your Pitch.  Take some time to brainstorm, to mess around with ideas, to talk out loud, to sketch and design, to use whatever tools you like -- digital or not -- to come up with some ideas for your project.  Questions you could answer that might help:
    Would you make a movie, TV show, video game or book series?
    Where might you set your story? Think about settings that feature a lot of people, a lot of relationships, and a lot of power dynamics.
    Who might be an interesting main character? What does this character want? What is keeping this character from getting it?
    Due: Friday, Feb 14

    Macbeth Graphic Organizers: Must Complete 3
    Teacher Pace Due Dates:
    Wed: Feb 12
    Tue: Feb 25
    Wed: Mar 5

    MUGS: Commonly Confused Words #2
    Quiz: Friday, Feb 14

    QUACK: Unit 1 Part 1
    Quiz & Product Due: Thursday Feb 27

    Start Thinking & Planning: Movie/Video Game/TV Show Pitches & Bibles
    Due: Early March

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