Monday, February 3, 2014

Humanities: Learning More About Redesigning Orientation Day & Speak

Hi folks,

Ms. Talmage, one of our fabulous guidance counselors, will be coming to class today to talk about the 8th to 9th grade orientation design challenge.  She will give us some much needed perspective on what exactly we need to design.

After we talk with her, we'll take a few moments to do some fresh brainstorming around the project.  We'll put up every idea, no matter how nutty or crazy.

That will take us to the post-it notes from the other day.  We will divide into four small groups, two of those groups will look at emotions/feelings and the other two groups will look at the titles.

Your task? To uncover as many insights as you can from the data in front of you.

What makes an insight, insightful?

Ask yourself:
What surprised you?
What seems important to notice?
What seems to be missing?

Put those insights on to Post-It notes that we can capture later.

Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Posts:
2 Req'd Post for the Week
1) Give yourself grades for the first semester, similar to how Melinda grades herself.  Notice that she grades herself in things that aren't just academic classes. After grading yourself, include the reasons behind your grades.  Be specific and clear.
2) Brainstorm the video/transition experience for the incoming ninth graders in April.  List every idea of what that video could be, what the activities could look like, or what else could happen next fall.

Need ideas for more blog posts?  Check out the tag "Blogger Fodder" and the videos/links that have been posted.

Roots: Roots 9 Product & Quiz
Roots Quiz 9 (6, 7, 8, 9) & Product Due: Thursday, Feb 6

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