Monday, April 14, 2014

AP Lit: 2B/3B/3G: #AyuhAloha, True Grit, Heart of Darkness, Watchmen, Test Prep, Analysis & More

We have been up to all sorts of things these past couple of weeks.

A great deal of work around tone, Heart of Darkness, on demand writing, True Grit, collaborations, test prep, and a bunch of other stuff as well.  And yes.  It can feel like a lot of stuff all at once right now.

And this week will feel much the same.  This may be fortunate or unfortunate depending upon your point of view.

Analytical & Composition Process Product
Due Friday, April 17

This isn't a piece you need to defend.  This isn't a piece you need to share or present.  Though it could be very rewarding if you did.  And it would make wonderful blog posting.

Remember the expectations here:
Demonstrates your strengths & weaknesses in your analytical process
Demonstrates your strengths & weaknesses in your composition process
Uses evidence to prove the above are true.
Must stand on its own without need for further interpretation.

Pinterest Test Review Boards
Due Friday, May 2nd

Create a set of Pinterest boards to aid in your review, and your peers' review, of three texts to have mentally ready for the open-ended essay at the test.

Your set of boards MUST include pins that will help you to remember:
Characters & Narrators
Structure & Point of View
Conflicts & Resolution
Imagery & Symbolism
Items, Objects of Significance
Settings of Significance
Overarching Themes
These categories are based on trends one can see in the open ended response prompts of the past. 

Now, how you organize your boards is up to your brain.  It may make sense to have one board for each title.  It may make sense to have one board for each category of analysis.  Set it up in a way that makes sense to your brain and has deliberate intentions.

#AyuhAloha & #Remash
Due Dates Are On THIS BLOG POST. If you have not read this, do so POST HASTE!

Test Prep

There will be on-demand writing this week.  And feedback.  And conferences.

I will be recording a two-minute slice of audio feedback for each of you.   From there, if you'd like to meet with me to talk more about your on-demands, we can set up a time.

True Grit & Heart of Darkness
This week's activities will focus on bringing the ideas from those novels together.

Handing these out on Thursday & Friday


Blogs: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post: TBA.

Other Work?
See above.

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