Friday, April 18, 2014

Humanities: Boston: One Year Later & Little Brother

One year ago, this weekend, the Boston Marathon Bombings forever changed the lives of thousands.

As we read Little Brother, look for parallels between the events in each.  Consider what Marcus experiences and his role in it all.  Consider the role and portrayal of law enforcement in both the true story of the Boston Bombings and the fictional story of Little Brother.

You will blog your thoughts today on the above.


Blog: 3+ Entries
Req'd Post: Discuss the connections between what you have read in the Little Brother unit so far and what is in the 60 Minutes video regarding the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Little Brother Organizers: 2 Due by Friday, April 18.
2 Due: Over Break
2 Due: Friday, May 2nd

Project Due: Friday, May 9th

Vocab: Roots 13 
Study: Quiz & Product (11-13), Thursday, May 1st

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