Thursday, May 1, 2014

AP Lit: Watchmen Design Thinking Challenge. Starts. Now.

On Wednesday, Period 3G started the discovery process for our Watchmen DT challenge.

These are the question I posed to start off our work today.  We can't answer them in order, necessarily, and yet each is important early in the process of developing our installation.

Period 3G set the foundation work for Periods 2B & 3B to really dig deep into the text on Thursday.  This will be the nature of this challenge -- for one class to set up the work for the others to continue.  To be successful with this challenge it will require a complete group effort.  So long as people engage and give what they have left in the tank, it should be a pretty dang fantastic experience. 

We should start immediately documenting as much of our process as possible. A key role for me in all of this revolves around that documentation and maintaing the blog.  I have been lax the past few weeks.  No longer.  I need to post timely information as well as timely evidence of our process.

We will be using Realtime Board to collaborate within each class and then between the classes.  You can find it by going to Google Drive, clicking on "Create," then "Connect More Apps," and finding Realtime Board.  When you register, the email will go toward your trash/spam folder in all likelihood, so make sure you dig it out to verify your account.

We'll be using a bulletin board in the back of the room to track our DT project calendar.

The pink cards signify a shift into the next DEEPdt  phase.   This week and early next: all discovery.  Uncovering the text.  Determining our intentions with the challenge.  All of this will inform our empathy work, which unfortunately lands the same week as our test.  No matter.  We press on.  Remember, phases of DT are not start and stop.  They are cyclical and can happen concurrently, so long as the information and experience continues to inform the process.

Thursday's work involves digging into the text.  We'll be doing so via Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row" and using that as angle into these first two chapters, exploring how Moore and Gibbons multilayer the references and allusions, as well as how Dylan employs allusion.

We will be documenting this work on Realtime Board.

Also, if you are digging Watchmen, and want a sense of Moore's process and intentions?
Look at these pages of script.


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Great place to post Watchmen thinking as well.

Read: Finish Watchmen.  For Monday, May 5.  Yes. It is an intense unexpected ride.  It will help you prepare for the test as well.  Honest.  Powerful thinking to do while reading.

Craft & Share: #Ayuhaloha collaboration.
Due: Friday, May 2nd.  May not be able to meet this deadline if without response to your pieces.  Otherwise.  SHould be honoring this dead line as best as possible.

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Due: Friday, May 2nd.  This is important as I want to be able to review them over the weekend and give you some feedback and thinking to take with you into the test.

TEST: Thursday, May 8th.
Test Prep: Materials in Google Drive.  I suggest looking them over and giving your brain time to process.

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