Thursday, May 1, 2014

Humanities: Thematic Projects & Other Work: Little Brother

Thursday, we start with Roots 13 Quiz.  The quiz covers Roots 11-13. You also have your word map or product for Roots 13 due as well.

From there, you have time to work on graphic organizers for the Little Brother unit around the themes of privacy, freedom, responsibility/accountability.

You also have time to work on your project proposal for your product, demonstrating your ability to create and explain a thematic statement based on one of those three themes.

Here are the notes from Wednesday's workshop time in my room.

If you look carefully, you can see how we took the three themes and from there designed some thematic statements.

That leads to products we might make and how we might make sure that what we create ACTUALLY shows our understanding.

Mr. Dunbar and I will be conferencing with you tomorrow and all throughout the week next week around it.  And you can email us about it as well. Or talk to us in the halls.  Ask questions.


Blog: 3+ Entries
Req'd Post: To what extent should high school students be given unfiltered access to the internet?  

Little Brother Organizers: 2 Due by Friday, April 18.
2 Due: Over Break
2 Due: Friday, May 2nd
Grand Total of 6: Friday, May 2nd

Project Proposal

Due: Friday, May 2ndProject Due: Friday, May 9th

Vocab: Roots 13 
Study: Quiz & Product (11-13), Thursday, May 1st

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