Thursday, April 10, 2014

Little Brother Introduction

Today we will begin to lay the foundation for the next book we will be starting, Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. This story has an unbelievable amount of themes that can be explored, but for our purposes we will only focus on a few: freedom, privacy, and responsibility/accountability.

What is "freedom?" What about "privacy," "responsibility," or "accountability?" What do these things look like when done right? What about when they are done completely wrong?

Not only are these ideas all through Little Brother, but are also factors in our everyday lives, so they should be explored! Begin your exploration here, with some Pinterest boards I put together to give you a quick idea of what these terms mean and look like. If you have more time, or don't find my sources particularly helpful, feel free to find your own, but be prepared to both discuss them and cite them later.

We will briefly discuss the terms after you have had time to check out some of the sources, and then it's time for a much more hands-on exploration, so get excited!

The idea here is that by the end of class, we will have collected enough information on these topics in order to form our own working definitions of them to be used throughout the readings and discussions of Little Brother.

Req'd Blog Post: Briefly summarize (a few sentences will do for that) this experience and reflect upon it. Did you learn anything new? Has any of your thinking changed as a result of this? Once that is complete, be sure to include the definitions of the terms that we formed in class. Pick one of them to expand upon- either find more sources with further information on the topic or relate it to your own life or experience.

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