Thursday, May 8, 2014

Humanities: Privacy, Freedom & Responsibility Products & Little Brother

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, folks worked on their Freedom, Responsibility & Privacy thematic statement projects.  The rubric follows right here.  Monday we had significant time set aside for blogging. 


Blog: 3+ Entries
Req'd Post: Which freedoms are you willing to sacrifice?  Which freedoms are you unwilling to sacrifice?  Why?

Little Brother Organizers: 2 Due by Friday, April 18.
2 Due: Over Break
2 Due: Friday, May 2nd
Grand Total of 6: Friday, May 2nd


Project Proposal

Due: Friday, May 2nd
Project Due: Friday, May 9th
Expect to Write Reflective Process Essay: Due Friday, May 16

Vocab: Roots 14
Study: Quiz & Product (11-14), Thursday, May 15

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