Monday, May 12, 2014

PACE: Reading & Writing Continues

According to the due dates, if you are following the teacher PACE suggestions, you are finishing your first book this week as well as submitting your first working draft of your first essay.  Working drafts may be revised as many times as the author wishes after receiving feedback.

Last Thursday, we looked at hooks and thesis statements.   Here's the examples.

We have done a few different rounds with reading graphic organizers as well.

On Monday, we will work on using text evidence to back up our thoughts.  You received an organizer to help you pull together ideas.  But finding it and using it in a piece of writing effectively are two separate things.

For those interested, I will offer a writer's workshop to help with embedding text evidence and meeting that standard on the essays.

Here's a link to that workshop.

Also, expect rubrics early this week.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post: Find an image online that relates to your essential question or thesis statement.  Then use Realtime Board OR Thinglink to create annotations for that image that explain the connection to your thesis statement.  (Consider that those thoughts might make effective evidence/thinking for your essay.)

Quiz: Wed, May 21

Quiz: TBA.

Read:  2 Novels from Selections
Complete: 3 Graphic Organizers Per Selection
Due: June 1
Complete 1st Book by May 15

Write: 2 Essays over Self Selected Essential Questions
Due: June 8 
Complete 1st Working Draft of 1st by May 15

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