Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Watchmen DT Challenge Update & Next Steps: Empathy & Experiment

On Monday, a small but mighty team accomplished some incredibly important final Discovery stage thinking, as well as some significant empathy-driven decision making around themes and placement for the project.

Also, Annette, Kegan and Astra had the opportunity to meet with Ralph King via Skype.  Ralph is the documentary film producer coming on May 28th to capture the installation and the 29th to capture the student body response.  I've sent you a link so you can watch his Extreme By Design documentary about design thinkers at Stanford.

While this was going on, thematic pairs and their positive/negative connotations were being determined. This took considerable thinking and shaping and then we realized . . . we had too many.

Themes have now been culled down and their placement determined.  This is still subject to adjustment, but the layout has been drafted with consideration to user experience, thematic structure, and relationship to Watchmen.  Most exciting?  Everything right now is happening with intention.  (As a teacher, this is a fantastic feeling.) 

The Balcony to Main Street Order

The Main St to Balcony order

Note the blurred nature of the VI's --- there are four of them -- all blending into the gray areas of facts and truth, subjectivity and objectivity.  The team present thought it very apropos to have this at 6, the opposite end of from 12 and also near the Watchmen explanation installation.

Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd: Processing Watchmen. What are you making?  Who are you working with?  Why?  What are your ideas?  Ideate.  Explore.  Build.  Make.  Share.  Put it all on your blog.
Due: Friday, May 16

Poetry Collaboration Piece: #Remash of #AyuhAloha 
Get These Posted So We Have Time to Connect with HI and Debrief the Experience
Lots of Neat Collaborations Coming Out of This So FAR!
Due: Last Week

MAY 29th:  THE INSTALL!!!!!!!!

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