Tuesday, September 9, 2014

AP Lit 4G: Literary 3x3s, Project Shares & Guidelines & Expectations

We opened Monday with a look at literary 3x3s. (Thanks to Ms. Keeler!)

Princess sequestered away
Powers run amok
Sister love delivers

We identified the above as Frozen.  And interestingly enough?  Also as Star Wars!  What?! I know.

Then we wrote just a single line:

Orphan inhabits closet

And immediately the crowds erupted with, "HARRY POTTER!" (Ok.  It was two people.  But it was emphatic.)

From here we tackled Tracy K. Smith's poem "I Don't Miss It" and turned it into a 3x3.

Dwelling within memories

Past hinders reality

Trouble moving forward

I put these on index cards and we did a little remixing.  (Which I failed to capture  -- argh -- so I've added a fake-y from a friend who made her own.) 

From that remix, however, we identified these words/concepts as having particular value & import:


And based on our readings of Smith's poem, I think we did a fine job of distilling it down to four concepts that resonate through the entire poem.

From there we shared some of our summer projects and provided one another feedback.  

We will deliver more of this feedback on Wednesday, share more, and start looking at how we provide feedback, the qualities of our feedback, how we might improve our feedback.

We discussed the guidelines and expectations of this course as well.


Read & Annotate: Intro to How to Read Lit Like a Professor 
Due: Wednesday, Sept 10

Compose: Literary 3x3 of One of Your Summer Books
Due: Wednesday, Sept 10

Complete & Sign: Guidelines & Expectations Awareness & Info Sheet
Due: ASAP.

Gather: Design Kits
Due: ASAP (Talk with Mr. Ryder if it's a challenge; he can help.)

Due: ASAP (Yes, it's an opt-in AND I'm really going to push and encourage; info is in your school Gmail)

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