Monday, September 22, 2014

Brit Lit CPI: Getting Started with 20% Time

We started our 20% Time today.

And because we won't have a typical class on Wednesday because of late start and guidance visits, we used all of today as 20% Time.

Folks who didn't have ideas for where to go, met with me.

Folks who have ideas for where to go were asked to fill out one of two graphic organizers to help you organize your thinking.  Both can be found in the Brit Lit CPI Google Drive folder in the "Shared With Me" section of your Google Drive.

On Friday, folks will have more 20% Time, we will set up blogs and systems for tracking our 20% Time progress.  We will also start doing the work necessary to make your 20% Time projects a success by watching the original Frankenstein and looking at how the ideas in that film can inspire our work.


20% Time Project: Make progress.  Keep thinking.

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