Monday, September 22, 2014

AP Lit 4G: Power Guides & Blogging

Today was supposed to include the following:

  • Power Guide Creating: Effective Text Support
  • Blogging Rubric Overview & Blogging in Class
  • Writing Workshop: Synthesis Essay Intro & 1st Body Paragraph
  • Frankenstein Close Reading & Discussion

That was the plan.

We did the first two.

And the rest we will do on Friday.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Creative Posts: Use your media tool of choice to create a three song (at least) play list for Robert Walton on his voyage.  Justify your choices.

Use to create a customized color palette for Frankenstein.  Use the names of the colors to create meaning.  Justify your choices.
Due: Friday, Sept 26

Read & Annotate: Frankenstein (Complete Chap 12.)
Due: Friday, Sept 26
Hint: Annotations can make great blogging

Write: Complete working draft of Synthesis Essay 1
Due: Friday, Sept 26 for workshopping

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