Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Humanities: L-N-G View Readings, Symphony & Whole New Mind Portfolio Introduced

We opened today with a round of an improv game called "Machine."  It was great fun.


From there, Mr. Brackett explained L-N-G readings which you can expect at least two times a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) and sometimes three times a week.  You will be using sources such as to identify articles to read about issues that matter to you or hold some interest for you.  One of the cool features of NewsELA is  that you can adjust the reading level of the article to suit your needs while still reading the same article as everyone else.

Then you will fill out this form to record your understandings from the L-N-G article you read.

You may want to post screenshots or copy and paste your text of your L-N-G responses into your blog.  It would make for some very interesting reading and possible connections.


We followed this work with an explanation of the Whole New Mind portfolio project due on October 9th.  The rubric is available below.

On Thursday, we continue working with our vocabulary and dig into Design sense.  We'll be making some cool stuff related to poster design and the vocabulary.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Creative Post: Creative Blog Post: Post a Six-Word Memoir & a Six-Image Memoir on your blog.  Consider how you present those images, the arrangement, the format, etc.
Due: Friday, 9/26

Complete: I Notice/I Wish/I Wonder chart.  Over Story, Empathy, Symphony.
Due: Thursday, Sept 25

Study:  Roots Quiz 1
Complete: Roots 1 Product
Due: Thursday, Oct 2

Start Planning: Whole New Mind Portfolio
Due: Thursday, Oct 9

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