Thursday, October 16, 2014

Humanities: Digging into Speak, Lies & Graphic Organizers

Yesterday we wrote about our first experiences of walking through the door of Mt. Blue Campus as students.  We then mapped the trends of emotions people felt as we try to build some empathy for one another.  This is going to be important as we move into our design challenges next week around Speak.


Roots Quiz 2 (over lists 1 & 2) is right out the gate today.  Roots Product 2 is due as well.


Today we'll read a little chunk of last night's reading in class.  And then we'll do an activity around the First 10 Lies They Tell You in High School.

That will lead to introduction of your graphic organizer choices for Speak.  

You need to complete a graphic for each ranking period in the novel.  The novel is divided into four ranking periods . . . thus . . .

The reading schedule and graphic organizer schedule is available to you in the Google Drive Humanities OUT folder.  And it's linked here.

You'll have a few minutes to get started on your first organizer and then we'll do a little more read-a-loud of Speak.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd: Create a 3 song playlist for Mt. Blue Campus that plays as we walk from class to class.  Explain each of your choices.
Due: Friday, Oct 17th

Read:Speak pg 20-26
Due: Friday, Oct 17th (tomorrow)

Complete: Speak Graphic Organizer 1
Choose: Either Three 4 Thinking OR Notice/Wish/Wonder
Due: Monday, Oct 20

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