Friday, October 17, 2014

Humanities: Speak & Understanding

Today we'll be focusing on Speak and the  graphic organizers you are using to demonstrate your understanding of the characters and events of the book.  

We're going to try something a little different though.

You'll need your design kits and white paper and I'll have copies printed of the graphic organizers.  Before filling out the organizers online, we are going to try note taking and doodling on paper, first.  The idea is to try and eliminate some of the distractions working only digitally might be cause. Doodle and note on paper.  THEN, use those notes to fill out the graphic organizers online.

So first, we'll break up the work areas into four-seat desks, three people at each desk with an open seat for Ryder/Brackett.  Speak books, paper, design kits, graphic organizers.  The teachers will bounce around and help you out, check for understanding.

With about twenty minutes to go in class, I'll start reading from the beginning of tonight's reading assignment.


Read: Speak 36 - 46 (End of the 1st Ranking Period) (Full Schedule Here)
Complete: 1st Graphic Organizer (Choice of Notice/Wish/Wonder or Three 4 Thinking)
Due: Monday, Oct 20

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