Tuesday, January 20, 2015

AP Lit: To Design or Not to Design . . . (There Is No Question)

This week and beginning of next we are going to complete a mini-design challenge in AP Lit.  

How might we stage "To Be or Not to Be  . . ." in a way congruent with the rest of the play?

We will be doing some fierce analysis through a variety of lenses:




We will use our thinking from these lenses to inform a paragraph of written analysis and then catapult us into watching four different iterations of this soliloquy in cinematic form.

They are available in the Google Drive here.  (I recommend watching them on Google Drive.)

And here too.

We'll use analysis of these versions to inform our designing of our own.  And if we are extra awesome, we'll actually produce that version to the best of our abilities & resources.

Read two scenes of Hamlet per night.
No req'd blogging this week.  You might want to keep in the habit for your sakes.
Revisions all due by Friday at the latest.

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