Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Humanities: Culture & Words & FRANKENWORD!

Today we'll do a quick review of the various dimensions of culture and review our Roots 6 words for a quiz on Thursday.  And we'll accomplish this through the following awesomeness . . .

We'll quickly brainstorm words in our language the reflect our modern culture as well as our modern teen culture.

FRANKENWORD!!!!!!!!! (It's ALIVE!)

Then you will do the following, built upon on the Shakespearean language station from a couple of weeks ago:

1. Choose an aspect/dimension of culture of interest to you.

2. Take any root from 6 and combine it with any other root to make a new word that is relevant to that dimension of culture. 

3. Define the new word including part of speech.

4.  Use the new word in a sentence that shows what the word means and how it would be used.

5.  Create a visual to illustrate the word (sketchnote, LEGO, digital, etc.).

Then you have time to work on your Romeo & Juliet project, revisions of essay paragraphs, and catching up on blogging.

We'll be looking at music and culture for the rest of the week.  Woot.

Missing Req'd Blog Posts?
Revisions of Discovery, Empathy and Experiment paragraphs?
Romeo & Juliet projects?
Missing LNGs?
Get your evidence of understanding and skills submitted el pronto fasto.

Roots 6 Quiz & Product:  Due Thursday.   Remember, you can demo your vocab knowledge in two ways.

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