Tuesday, March 10, 2015

AP Lit: Eveline & Boarding House Literary 3x3s and Modest Proposal Workshop

Hey folks,

I'm presenting at SXSWEDU right now -- almost spot on accurate as I'll have just finished my presentation when you come to class.

Here's what you'll be doing with Ms. Boisselle.

Start with Literary 3x3s.  Use cards from the cabinet and create your decks for both Eveline and The Boarding House.

Line up a set of seven desks. Each of you gets a desk.

Start with "Eveline."  Lay out your 3x3 on your desk.

Circulate and read one another's 3x3s and use post-its to notice trends and outliers you are seeing across the 3x3s.  Use another table or desk to collect those post-its.

Then affinity map those post-it notes by arranging, organizing and displaying them in a way that reveal the patterns, structures, ideas happening in Joyce's text.

After you make one arrangement and discuss it, do a second arrangement in half as much time.

Repeat the process with "The Boarding House," but using only half as much time as you did before -- ratchet up the intensity and see what that may help you see.

Store your literary 3x3s with your other decks.

Then, Ms. Boisselle will run a writing workshop over your modest proposals.  Follow her lead.


BLOG. 3+ Posts
Req'd Post. Read How to Read Lit like a Prof: . . . Or the Bible
Show how Foster's thinking applies to any two of the works you've read this year prior to Joyce; use whatever medium you prefer for this work.  Why two?  After reading Foster's chapter, you'll see that one connection has been made and we know that patterns emerge once we have three.

COMPOSE. Modest Proposal.
1st Submission.  Due Thursday, 3.12

READ & LITERARY 3x3.  Joyce's "Araby" and "Clay."
Due. Thursday, 3.12

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