Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Brit Lit CPI: No Red Ink and Storytelling

Today you'll be in Ms. Boisselle's capable hands.

You'll start with using NoRedInk.com  There you will find a new pre-quiz.  Take it.

You will also find three new assignments.  If you score less than a 90% on the pre-quiz?  Complete them.

After this, you will be sketchnoting and/or infographic creating.   Your topic?  According to the sources provided,  and others you might look up on your own, what are the vital components of effective storytelling?  

Here's one such source.

Here's the link to the others.  There are many and I don't recommend going through them in order. 

Your sketchnote and/or infographic should include at least three components and no more than six.   The intention there is to really focus on what is key -- rather than every piece of advice out there.

If you want to create an infographic, I recommend using http://piktochart.com/ to do your work.

This is due today in class.

When you complete it, you have the rest of the class to finish your Portland Tale which is due on Thursday.


Req'd Post. 5 Card Flickr.  Go Here.  Use this website and the 5 Card Flickr process to create a 5 Card Flickr about a story from your life that relates one of these emotions: joy, fear, anger, sadness

COMPOSE. Portland Tale.
Due. Thursday, Mar 12.

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