Sunday, March 22, 2015

AP Lit: The Ultimate Joycean Story & Test Prep


We'll start the day with some test prep.  Rather than an on demand, however, it will be the first of our multiple choice.

I've shared with you the reading and the questions.  It's a poem by Andrew Marvell.   Refrain from reading it until class, if you can resist.  Want a print copy? Print one off when we get to class and it's all yours.  Whatever works for you.

I'll be sending the questions along in a Google form as well for you to respond -- it'll let us look at the data afterward.


Next.  We'll be trying to figure the one word Joyce believed captured Dublin at the time of his writing.  We'll try to uncover this using our literary 3x3s.

Bust out all of your Dubliners decks.  Give yourself plenty of space to work.  Lay them out.

Then start remixing.  Shuffling.  Trading.  See what sorts of stories reveal themselves to you.  Develop an original 3x3 and quickly note the story you see revealed.  You might sketchnote it.  You might audio record it.  At any rate . . . capture that story.

Then, find a partner.  Combine your decks.  Repeat the process.  Create a story together.  Capture that story.

You now have three stories that have revealed themselves to you and your partner (1 from each of you solo, 1 collaboration.)

Revisit your decks together.  Identify trends.  Consider Joyce's stories.  Your original stories. See if you can narrow your own decks down to one three-word-line to capture all of the stories.  Use the words from your decks to create that three-word line.

As a class, lay out those three-word lines together.

Identify the trends.  Distill.  Narrow.  Just like the NCAA tourney.

What's the one word?  Check it against the stories.  Does it work?

Capture all of this work.  Document.  Put it up on your blogs.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post: In How to Read Lit, Read both "Geography Matters" & "Season."  Then, using your ingenuity & creative spirits, create a 3 to 5 image photo essay (a sequence of images unified by intention) of where you live that you believe reflects the ideas present in Foster's work.  Explain your thinking.
Due.  Friday.  March 27.   Last Blog Post of Q3.

Complete.  Frankliners.
Due.  Today.  March 23.

Submit. Q3 Indie Book Project Self Assessments.  Get them in ASAP so I can assess your work from the beginning of the Quarter!

Complete.  Revisions.  Blog Posts.
Due ASAP.  Quarter closes April 3.

Design.  Q4 Indie Book Projects.
Due Thursday & Friday Before April Vacation.  April16 & 17.

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