Thursday, March 19, 2015

Humanities: Cultural Identity as Art

Today, we'll start with a Kahoot! to help us with Roots 10.  Remember Kahoot!?  Yup.

That'll be the quick jump start to the day and then we'll get into the culture wagon.

HMW express our cultural identities through art?


Finish the 8Box you started yesterday with the 8 components of culture (language, government, art, history, economics, daily activities, religion, social groups).  Sketchnote your identity into the respective boxes.  5 min. to finish off this pre-thinking DISCOVERY work.

STATIONS.  You have 4 stations today to flow through.  We will run four rotations HOWEVER you do not need to cycle to all 4.  You simply have to create 3 individual pieces of art.  They might all be poems.  They might all be sculptures.  Why 3?  Good question.  Why do you think I want you to create 3 rapid fire pieces of art?

Absolute Requirement:  Show your work.  Screenshots and photos of your process.  I'll be running a timer every five minutes.  At the bell, you must document your work.

Consider this EXPERIMENT phase.



Using the digital tools available to you, aka GARAGE BAND create a piece of music to represent a component of your cultural identity.  Consider how you might express that through the title as well as the sound.  You may explore using a visualizer or laying it down as a soundtrack over other images.

STATION 2. 3D Art.

LEGO. K'nex. Jenga blocks.  Use the resources here at this table to create 3D art that reflects a component of your cultural identity.  Consider how color, shape, texture can all be used.

Some great LEGO art

Some great Jenga art here. 

STATION 3. 2D Art.

Use the materials available at this station to create 2D art.  Consider the medium you use to do your drawing as well as the surface.  You may also choose to create digital 2D art and you may use the iPad to create something on Paper.

STATION 4.  Poetry.  Blackout Style.

You'll be using excerpts from Of Mice & Men to create blackout poetry.  Need some examples?  Check out the master of the form, Austin Kleon here.

Finally.  With 10 minutes to go in class, you will document your four pieces of art.  Use the tools available to take not just captures of your art, but see if you can create interest with what you make.

I'll be creating alongside you today, so you'll have my examples to work from.


BLOG. 3+ Posts.
Req'd Post.  SHOW YOUR WORK. PRODUCTION phase. Cultural identity.  Post images of your four art pieces as well as documentation of your creative process.
Due. Friday Mar 20.

REVISE.  Theme Song Essays.
Must also submit a revision submission form so we know what you've changed.

Due. Friday Mar 20.  (We will take them any time before end of the quarter; if you get them in you will have time to revise AGAIN.)

COMPLETE.  Romeo & Juliet PROJECTs.
Well past teacher pace.

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