Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pop Culture: Cognitive Surplus & Social Media

Start your Monday right with this.

Then look at some others

Careful, now.  Don't get sucked into the lure of the LOLcats for too long.

Because what you need to watch now is Clay Shirky discussing his big idea:  cognitive surplus.  And to demonstrate your understanding of his thinking, you need to answer the questions at the TED Ed.

GO HERE.   Complete Watch, Think and Dig Deeper.  Ignore "And Finally. .. ."  because we are not exploring Fahrenheit 451.  


BLOG.  3+ Posts.
Req'd Post: You have the opportunity to use the cognitive surplus of the world to make a lasting change.  What do you do?  What problem might you solve?  What happiness might you bring?  What else might you do with it?  Play a tremendous game of what if and see what your imagination brings you.

Also, create a LOLcat to illustrate that big idea of yours.
Due. Friday.  March 13.

DESIGN.  Comedy Culture product.
Answer one or more of the following questions through your product.

How does society affect comedy?
How does comedy affect society?
How do you affect comedy?
How does comedy affect you?

Due.  Thursday.  March 19.

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