Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pop Culture: SNL & Comedy Culture

Saturday Night Live has had a tremendous impact on comedy culture over the past 40 years.  More importantly, however, has been the impact on pop culture in general.

Today you will be rotating through a variety of experiences to develop an understanding of just how much influence Saturday Night Live has on our sources of entertainment today, as well as the world around us.

Station One.  SNL Over the Decades.  Trends & Takeaways.
Watch the clips in the Padlet below.  Then, on the next Padlet below, post some of the trends and observations you can make about these clips as a collection.  Think of the Padlet as covered in sticky notes.  Move things around.  Write in fragments and ideas.  And you might also use images instead of words to represent your thinking.

Station 2.  SNL Sketchnoting & Mapping.  You'll sit down with me and we'll try and create something of a web between the comedy and entertainment you enjoy and SNL.  It will be a little bit of a test of my skills and hopefully a fun conversation as well.  Plus, I can spare you a lecture.  

Station 3.  SNL & Its Impact Beyond SNL.  You have a graphic organizer and some research to complete here.

Station 4.  What Makes You Laugh on SNL?  Go the SNL website and go digging.  Look for topics, performers of interest to you.  

Share at least one sketch/video that you find funny/hilarious/mindblowing on the Padlet below.

We'll then talk about our Comedy Culture project, the due dates, and what it could possibly look like based what you've just encountered.

Blog: 3+ Posts.
Req'd Blog Post:  Do a more thorough exploration of Saturday Night Live using the resources available to you: NBC.com and Yahoo.com both have solid collections.  If you have Hulu Plus or access to it?  You have all 40 years and nearly every sketch from those years.

1.  Pick a sketch you believe fully represents a successful example of the comedy theory we've been exploring and explain how so.  You may choose the benign violation theory as well.

2. Pick a sketch you believe completely fails the comedy theory and explain how so.

Due. Fri. Mar 6.

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