Sunday, April 5, 2015

AP Lit: Poetry as Design Challenge: Empathy Phase Into Experiment Phase

We had a powerful Thursday and Friday last week.

Empathy phase abounded with composite users and user mapping.

We created composite users on Wednesday and Thursday and the put them onto a spray chart to better define our core and fringe users.

This was certainly one of our biggest A-HA's above . . . we thought of other contexts where the users who MOST NEED a product those LEAST LIKELY to use it, and those with LEAST NEED are MOST LIKELY to use it.
And this is the tension we are facing with our Poetry as Design installation.

PIE.  This captures the project well.  Poem. Interpretation. Experience.  
That is what you are designing.  Three products.  
Perhaps we should make three point one four products.

On Monday, we should be getting first of our empathy conversation work.
I like that we are using the term empathy conversation.
The intention behind that choice makes me happy.  Talk.  Not mine.

We also need to find our users.  Figure out where best to install our experiences so that we are reaching the users where they are.   Map 'em.  See 'em.
Tuesday we will get these results.

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