Sunday, April 5, 2015

AP Lit: Poetry as Design Challenge: Experiment Phase & More


Monday and Tuesday, we have several vital signposts ahead of us.

One.  We need to explore some more poetry structures.  Sestina. Gazhal.  Villanelle.  This week.  In class.  (I promised no piling on.  I meant it.)

Two.  We need to examine results of empathy work and map our insights.

Three.  We have to determine which experiences we want to install and who will work on each.

Four.  We need a schedule for this next week and a half.  We will be installing on the 15th, due to step up day for the middle school crew.  Folks need to know what to finish and for when.

Five.  We need to engage the DEEP board so we can better keep track of who is doing what and when.

This is where it gets both nuts and amazing.  Just like any good design challenge should.

Reminder of Expectations.

1.  DESIGN a POEM.  Craft an original piece that evokes the theme of happiness or connectedness.  It must use at least 7 poetic devices from this menu.
Due. April 15.  Poem for installation.
Due. April 16. 1 page analysis.

2.  DESIGN an INTERPRETATION of a POEM.  Craft a visual/audio/tactile interpretation of any poem you feel suits this theme.  Consider using Poetry Foundation  as a starting point for  your search.
Due.  April 15.  Interpretation for installation
Due. April 16.  1 page analysis.  Use poetic devices from this menu as backbone of this analysis.

3. DESIGN an EXPERIENCE with POETRY.  Design an interactive experience for students on campus that uses elements of poetry and increases happiness and/or connectedness at Mt. Blue Campus.  This is where the crux of our design work occurs.
Due. April 15.  Installation.
Due.  April 16.  Collection of poems explored.  Three analyses completed using SCOUT & CRAP. 
Due.  April 16.  Documentation.  DEEP. Discovery. Empathy. Experiment.  Produce.  Req'd Blog Posts for the Week.  Have documentation of every phase and explanations ready for viewing.

This is also our pre-cursor to the big end of the year Watchmen installation.  This is really an extended flashlab to help us get accustomed to this work.


Blog.  3+ Posts.
Req'd Post This Week.  SHOW YOUR WORK.  DEEP.  Discovery.  Empathy. Experiment.  Any component of the installation.  Show it.  Record it.

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