Wednesday, April 15, 2015

AP Lit: Poetry by Design Installation This Week

Hey folks,

Lots happening this week . . .

Hoping this post puts it all in context for you and serve as a schedule/checklist.

I'm going to organize it by component here.

DUE: Wednesday Night.

Dan sent you a template for Pages.  (Only change I would make -- and I should've said this to Dan yesterday because he did run it by me first -- is move your name as poet to the bottom of the page.)

Please put your poem in this template, save, and EXPORT as PDF and send it to me.   (If you send me a Pages document I won't be able to open it.)

I will print these off on cardstock and we will then put them up in those nooks and crannies in the school where our users may not expect to see them.

We'll keep a map of them so we know where the poems are at in the building.

DUE: Thursday Morning.

Mike sent a Poetry Project tracker.  Here you need to post three important pieces of information for the installation process.  
1. the poem you are interpreting
2. the type of art you are creating
3. the location where you want it

Anyone with Period 1G free?  We could use some help with the installing.  We'll use the Theater Workshop as our rally point.  Drop off art there.

DUE: Thursday Morning.

Staging in the Theater Workshop.   Then each group should get 'em up as quickly as possible during Period 1.

Poetry Jenga 3x3.  Need those 3x3s ASAP from those folks creating them.   Everything is cut and assembled.  Dan created a cool SketchUp model to help us design it.   We are going to go black Sharpie on plain wood.  We tried it.  Looks good.

Poet-trees.   We will be laminating and cutting today.  Assembling in the workshop.   These are looking great.

Poets Scale.  Assembling in the workshop.

DUE: Friday.

BLOG: 3+ Posts
Req'd:  Document your poetry as design work.  This is the stuff.
Due: Friday.

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