Monday, April 27, 2015

AP Lit: Test Prep and Watchmen

This is it folks . . . the last sprint to the test.

Here's the work for this week into next.

In Class.  Test Prep.  

Be prepared to write a 15 minute prompt each day.   We'll go through all three types of questions: poetry, prose, and open response.

Also be prepared to do a multiple choice item each day.  We'll do two poetry items and two prose items before the test.

We will discuss each item.  Discuss approaches to the writing prompt.

And . . .

Watchmen.  We start Watchmen this week.  We will use our analysis of each chapter to prime our minds for the test.

We'll read just one chapter a night until post-test.


Read.  Watchmen.  Chapter 1.
Due. Next Class.  Just read.  We'll analyze and sketch note in class.

Blog. 3+ Posts.
Req'd Post.  AP Review Pinterest Boards.
Create a set of Pinterest boards to aid in your review, and your peers' review, of three texts YOU LOVE from the past four years and want to have mentally ready for the open-ended prompt at the test.

Your set of boards MUST include pins that will help you to remember:
Characters & Narrators
Structure & Point of View
Conflicts & Resolution
Imagery & Symbolism
Items, Objects of Significance
Settings of Significance
Overarching Themes
These categories are based on trends one can see in the open ended response prompts of the past. 

Now, how you organize your boards is up to your brain.  It may make sense to have one board for each title.  It may make sense to have one board for each category of analysis.  Set it up in a way that makes sense to your brain and has deliberate intentions. DESIGN it for you the user and for me the observer.

Put links to each of your boards on your blog post.

Here's an example: 

And another:

Due. Friday, May 1.

Poetry as Design.
Get your three components completed and in your AP LIT Inbox  if not done so already.

Reminder of Expectations.

1.  DESIGN a POEM.  Craft an original piece that evokes the theme of happiness or connectedness.  It must use at least 7 poetic devices from this menu.
Due. April 15.  Poem for installation.
Due. April 16. 1 page analysis.

2.  DESIGN an INTERPRETATION of a POEM.  Craft a visual/audio/tactile interpretation of any poem you feel suits this theme.  Consider using Poetry Foundation  as a starting point for  your search.
Due.  April 15.  Interpretation for installation
Due. April 16.  1 page analysis.  Use poetic devices from this menu as backbone of this analysis.

3. DESIGN an EXPERIENCE with POETRY.  Design an interactive experience for students on campus that uses elements of poetry and increases happiness and/or connectedness at Mt. Blue Campus.  This is where the crux of our design work occurs.
Due. April 15.  Installation.
Due.  April 16.  Collection of poems explored.  Three analyses completed using SCOUT & CRAP. 
Due.  April 16.  Documentation.  DEEP. Discovery. Empathy. Experiment.  Produce.  Req'd Blog Posts for the Week.  Have documentation of every phase and explanations ready for viewing. 

Due.  ASAP.

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