Monday, April 6, 2015

Pop Culture: Music Mapping

Today we'll investigate the roots of the music we enjoy.  AFTER we share our social media products and the last of the comedy culture products.

We'll be using using our collective knowledge as well as the power of the interwebs to help us uncover the chronological, influential, and cultural etymology of music.

And we'll using ThingLink to showcase this knowledge.

In fact . . .


BLOG. 3+ Posts.
CURATION. 2+ Items.
PIN. on Flight307 Pop Culture Pinterest.

Req'd  Blog Post.  Create a ThingLink that demonstrates at least 5 steps in musical etymology from present back to roots.
Due.  Friday, April 10.
For example, I love The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, which have roots in the thrash metal of the early eighties a'la Iron Maiden and Motorhead and ALSO roots in the horn sections of 1960s funk and soul groups a'la James Brown and ALSO roots in Jamaican ska and reggae a'la Bob Marley.

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