Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Humanities: DT Challenge: Photo Essay

HMW use our knowledge of composition and culture to reveal our culture through image?

8 Components of Culture.

5 Elements of Composition.

Use 5 to Reveal 5.
5 Elements of Composition to Reveal 5 Components of Culture

Choose a Focus: Personal, Local, School

Today, we start DISCOVER phase of DEEP design thinking.


What do we know about photo essays and documentary?  What do we need to know?

How might we bridge the gap?

Use the Photo Essay doc in Google Drive to help

Images. Due Monday, April 13

Presentation Practice.  Wednesday and Thursday.  April 15 & 16.

Presentation.  Due Friday April 17.


BLOG.  3+ Posts.
Req'd Post.  Photo Essay/Documentary Mentor Text.  Find a photo essay or documentary you want to use as a mentor text for your product.  Identify three moments/images from that mentor text that speak to you and explain why you want to emulate them in your work.
Due. Friday, April 10.

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