Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Brit Lit CPI: Reading and Research; Discovery & Empathy Phase

Today . . .
Thermostat research 

Wiring Video for auto cool Honeywell Thermostat

Different forms of saving your animals from heat stroke

An article/visual about animal cruelty in hot cars

Mudding Research 
The cost of illegal mudding

The few people who take advantage of mudding

A list of the “legal” off-roading areas. 
1.  Find an article/video/podcast/website related to your design challenge:  mudding signage or thermostat car starter

2.  Use to create a proper MLA formatted citation for  your article/video/podcast/website.

3.  Complete one of the four literacy strategies to show that you understand the text.


Text Connections.



4.  Put your work in your Brit Lit IN folder.


Blog Post 2. Empathy Conversation.  Talk with someone who would be an invested user of your design.  Find out what bugs them about the current situation.  And find out what would excite them about a new design.

For example, what really bothers game wardens about current sign posts?  And what features could new signage have that would get them excited?
Due. Friday. May 8th.

Reading 2.  See above.
Due. Friday. May 8th.

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