Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pop Culture: Nate Underkuffler & Transition to Film Culture

Tuesday we Skyped with music editor/film composer Nate Underkuffler who shared his work process and what it's like to work in the Hollywood film industry.

We also shared brief reminders of the music culture project due next Wednesday.

Answer One or More of these Essential Questions . . .
How does music culture affect you?
How do you affect music culture?
How does music culture affect society?
How does society affect music culture?

A few folks in attendance last week put these ideas on the table. . .

Soundtrack of Your Life.  What are the songs that have shaped your life?  Spotify or YouTube Playlist.  Cover art.  Rationales for each choice.  Share to the world.

Workout Playlist.  What songs should people listen to while working out?  What type of work out?  When exactly should they listen?  YouTube or Spotify Playlist.  Cover art.  Rationales for each choice.  Share to the world.

Music Video.  Create a music video for a song.  Preferably an original song by a local/student performer.  Publish the video on YouTube or Vimeo.  Rationale explaining the intentions and design of the video.

How else might you demonstrate answers to one or more of the above?


Blog. 3+ Posts
Curate.  2+ Pins
Req'd Post. Five Image Story.  Tell a story in only five images.  It must relate a beginning, middle and end. It must include at least one character.  It must involve some sort of conflict.  You may take original photos or use found images from the web.    Explain your story.
Due. Friday, May 8

Music Culture Project.
Due. Wednesday, May 13.

Looking forward.. .

Film/Television Culture Project.
Due.  Friday, May 29

Final.  For Seniors.  Due June 1.

For Underclassmen. TBA.

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