Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Brit Lit: Readings and Blog Post. Final Week.

Reading 4. Find an article about a topic of your choice and interest.  Be certain it comes from a reliable source.

Choose One of the Four Literacy Strategies and Create a MLA formatted citation for your reading.

1.  Find an article/video/podcast/website related to your design challenge:  mudding signage or thermostat car starter

2.  Use EasyBib.com to create a proper MLA formatted citation for  your article/video/podcast/website.

3.  Complete one of the four literacy strategies to show that you understand the text.


Text Connections.



Blog post 4.

Production.  What happened?  In what ways did your group execute and in what ways did they not?  Why?  What do you think could have changed the outcome?  What action could you have taken?  When faced with similar sorts of challenges -- difficult tasks, tight deadlines, personal responsibility -- in the future, how might you better ensure a better outcome?

Due. Friday.  May 29.

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