Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Humanities 2BG: HMW LEGO Our Summer?

Today we asked: How might we LEGO our summer?  (Technically I believe the question was, "HMW show our summer in LEGO, but I prefer this new iteration.)

We started the day with attendance, working the names, and sharing the expectations for the encouraged personal design kits

We built like we've never built before, for it was the second day of class.
And then we dove into building with LEGO and explored ways of relating our summer experiences to one another.  Some folks made very literal builds and others made very conceptual, abstract builds.  What was the most exceptional development of the day?  Everyone made something.  

I ran around with my phone to document the amazing and some of it can be seen here.

We also used Periscope to share our work with the rest of the world.

Mr. Brackett and I both thought this was a pretty fantastic day.

Big thanks to Mr. Tierney for the LEGO inspiration.

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Shannon said...

Love this!!! Wonderful! Wish I were there -- and will be, next year, when I do it! (or maybe, HMW lego winter break?)....Thank you for sharing!!