Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Humanities: Learning to Love You More Stations

Tuesday!  Station work!

New vocab roots as well!  Roots 13!

We'll use the station work to make progress toward our installation of Learning to Love You More on Thursday, May 21st.

Station 1.
Assignment #10.  Make a Flier of Your Day.

Station 2.
Assignment #51.  Describe What to Do with Your Body When You Die.

Station 3.
Assignment #54.  Draw the News.

Station 4.
Assignment #53.  Give Advice to Yourself in the Past.

The beauty of the above four assignments?  They can all be completed in class.  On Thursday, we'll bring in some materials to tackle more ambitious assignments.

On Thursday, I also want to meet with the fidget team.

Tomorrow, we further explore Start Something that Matters.  You can learn more about TOMS and Blake Mycoskie's ideas here.


Blog.  3+ Posts.
Req'd Post.  Learning to Love You More: Show Your Work.
Due. Friday.  May 15.

Learning to Love You More.

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