Tuesday, September 15, 2015

AP Lit: 3x3s and Time to Blog

Hey folks,

I reloaded the white cabinet with index cards so you can build your 3x3s.  If you take a look here, you'll see how to lay out the card.

1.  Put One Word on Each Card.
2. Lay Them Out in a Grade.
3. Lower Left of Each Card, Put the Last Name of the Work's Creator (i.e. Smith, Portis)
4. Lower Right of Each Card, Put the Title or Identifiable Shorter version (Don't Miss, Grit, etc.)
5. Flip the Cards Over and Number Them in Order to Make Them Easier to Reset.
6.  Put Your Initials In Upper Right of Each Card on the Number Side.

After getting your decks built, try doing the following.

1. Lay out your summer book 3x3s.  See what trends emerge across each others.

2. Mix and match your summer 3x3s.  See if you can make a 3x3 of your summer book out of the cards of others.

3.  Look at 3x3s of True Grit.  What commonalities are you finding?  Try to remix.  Then see if you can make a 3x3 of "I Don't Miss It" out of the True Grit cards.

Be playful.  Experiment.  And DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!  Put it on your blog with video or photo and explanations.

You can then take the rest of class time to work on your blogs/synthesis including the 5 Card Flickr assignment for this week.  Remember, your blogs can be full of your process of developing your essay: prewriting, doodles, sketches, maps, anything at all with a little explanation so I know what I'm looking at.

Show the Learning.
Read & Annotate.  True Grit to Page 113
Due. Tues. 9.22.15
Blog. 3+ Posts.
Creative Blog Post of the Week. Create a 5 Card Flickr in the Voice of Mattie Ross. How might you employ the same techniques as Portis to develop her voice in your work?
Due. Friday. 9.18.15
Design.  Working Draft.  Synthesis Essay #1
Due for Workshopping.  Tuesday, 9.22.15

If you have time . . . 
Turn your Literary 3x3s into Index Card Decks.

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