Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Eng 9: Caine's Arcade & the Global Cardboard Challenge

Today you'll be working on your own as we introduce our first big project.

Caine's Arcade.

Watch this video.

And then watch this video to learn what the Global Cardboard Challenge is all about.

Complete a Notice/Wish/Wonder organizer to demonstrate your understanding of these two videos.   (Timestamp means tell me exactly where in the video you are getting this idea.  You will need to make your own copy of the organizer.)  

I'm not here to answer questions for you or to have conversations, look over shoulders.  You will have to do your best work to show me your thinking. HOWEVER, if you would prefer to audio/video record your responses, you may do so.  Just be certain you e-mail or share with me what you create.

Support each other and ask Mr. Knight for help with sharing your work with me.

After completing the notice/wish/wonder organizer, turn your thinking to possibilities.

If you were to bring joy to other people by building something, what might you build? Make a list.

If you were to solve a problem others are facing by building something, what might you build? Make a list.

If you were to showcase your passions or interests by building something, what might you build?  Make a list.

Post each of these three lists on your blog. 

If you get done with the above during class, check your work and make sure it does the best job it can demonstrating your thinking.  

You can then use the rest of time to study up on Roots 1.  There's a quiz next week.  

Show the Learning.
Blog. 3+ Posts.
Creative Blog Prompt.  5 Card Flickr & Problem Story.
Create a 5 Card Flickr that tells the story of a problem being solved.
Post your images and write out the story on your blog.
Due. Friday. Sept. 18.

Complete.  Notice/Wish/Wonder Organizer on Caine's Arcade & Caine's Arcade 2
Due. Friday. Sept 18.

Create.  Lists.  Three Lists on Problems/Passions/Joy.
Post on Your Blog
Due.  Friday. Sept. 18.

Study.  Roots Quiz 1.
Due. Thursday, Sept 24.

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