Sunday, September 27, 2015

AP Lit: Guidance Visits & True Grit

Hi folks,

Guidance will be visiting on Monday and Tuesday, so I'm keeping our plans flexible.  Whatever time we are afforded will be focused on True Grit.  The nature of the work will depend entirely on the amount of time we have.  I hope we are able to make something things to help us with True Grit.  I sure do enjoy making things and seeing how making things helps others to understand.

Here are some absolutes.

Synthesis Essay 1.  Due Wednesday.  Submit by sharing your Google doc with me.  Huzzah.
How to Read Lit.  Chapter & prompt week.  See below.
Creative Blog Challenge. Color Palette.  See below.
Vocab.  Quiz NEXT week.  See below.

Blogging.  3+ Posts.  
Due. Friday. 10.2.15 
Creative Challenge.  Create a color palette for True Grit on  Post a link/embed screenshot.  Name each color and provide an overall title for your palette.  Be intentional.  Then explain your intentions with a brief rationale for each color.  

Read.  How to Read Lit Like a Professor.  "Every Trip Is a Quest . . . "
Answer the Following Question in a Blog Post: Based on your understanding of Foster's POV, what do you believe he would say about True Grit? To what extent would you agree with him?
Due. Friday. 10.2.15

Design & Submit.  Synthesis Essay 1.
Due. Wednesday. 9.30.15

Study. Roots Quiz #1  Monday/Tuesday next week. (We should have taken this last week.)
Use the Quizlet to Help You Study.
Know the Root & What It Means.
Other Evidence of Learning:  In addition to the taking the quiz, you may want to create a roots product that demonstrates your understanding of the roots and what they mean.  Some of us struggle with quizzes as a way of proving we know something, but if we get a chance to use our knowledge, we knock it out of the park.  Consider writing a story, a set of instructions, making a video, recording a podcast, building something on Minecraft or in LEGO, recording a song, drawing a comic strip, or some other way of showing me that you know those roots and what they mean in a way that shows you truly understand. 
Due.  Monday/Tuesday. 10.5-6.15 

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