Sunday, September 27, 2015

Eng 9: Cardboard Challenge: Day One

A couple of weeks ago, you were introduced to Caine's Arcade and the Global Cardboard Challenge while I was away.

This week, we start meeting this Global Cardboard Challenge, our second design challenge on the heels of our Playlist for Others challenge.

Design Challenge: Global Cardboard Challenge

Design Challenge: How might we use cardboard to solve problems, create joy, and share passions?

Today we start our Discovery Phase by watching another video: Adventures of a Cardboard Box.

But first!  Box Doodles.  We've done Thirty Circles.  Now, we'll take three minutes and see what we can do with just a box.  Or as many boxes as you can muster.   (10 min.)

Keep those.  You'll need them as we watch . . .

The Adventures of a Cardboard Box from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

Think-Pair-Share. (30 min.)

Think. You'll have time to sketch more ideas from the video & see which ideas of yours show up in the video. (5 min.)

Pair. Then you will get together with a partner to share your notes and answer this question: What do you think the filmmakers want us to take away from "Adventures?" What's the message being delivered? The theme? (5 min.)

Share.  On index cards, doodle one of your box ideas.  On another (the bigger one) write the message you believe is being delivered. (5 min.)

Map & Sort.  We'll work in two groups.  One to sort the box ideas, one to sort the messages.  See what trends are emerging. (10 min.)

10 Minute Mini-Make. (Discover & Experiment.) (10 min.) 

I won't be giving you a box.  I'll be giving you a manilla folder, tape, 4 paper clips, and whatever is in your design kits to create something that either solves a problem, brings joy, or shares a passion.  These might become prototypes for your cardboard challenge.

This would fall under both of the Discover & Experiment phases of our design process.  (Next class, we'll be practicing some Empathy, experimenting some more, and getting into our design teams.)


We're going to add a new routine -- something I've never tried before.  Every class will end at 9.  You will have until the end of class to blog your takeaways from the class, to post evidence of your understanding, to read what others are saying.  I'll be-bop around the room to answer questions, help with technical problems, etc.

Show Your Learning.

Blog: 3+ Posts 
Creative Blog Post. #ShowYourWork on Your Global Cardboard Challenge design.
Sketches. Doodles. Maps.  Lists. Ideas.  Mini Makes. 
Due. Friday. 10.2.15 

Study. Roots Quiz #1  FRIDAY. (We should have taken this last week.)
Use the Quizlet to Help You Study.
Know the Root & What It Means.
Other Evidence of Learning:  In addition to the taking the quiz, you may want to create a roots product that demonstrates your understanding of the roots and what they mean.  Some of us struggle with quizzes as a way of proving we know something, but if we get a chance to use our knowledge, we knock it out of the park.  Consider writing a story, a set of instructions, making a video, recording a podcast, building something on Minecraft or in LEGO, recording a song, drawing a comic strip, or some other way of showing me that you know those roots and what they mean in a way that shows you truly understand. 
Due.  Friday. 10.2.15 

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